Saturday, 25 March 2017

The First Time

             The First Time
The first time ever I felt God near
He was a ball of darkness
Darker than the blackness of my room
Impenetrable and alien
It took away my will to breathe
As I sat in my bed, terrified and thrilled

Days later He came as a gathering storm
Wanting to take my heart and blow through me

There have been so many times since
Not always the terror but
Always that familiar first time feeling,
Something virgin being experienced, and experiencing

Lying here alone in my bed 
Whispering, 'I love You, I Love You I.....
And joy rising up and up and up
Into the the warm night.

This is the first time again,
And the closer you come the more I wonder Who You are.
I always have the same prayer
" Hello I love You tell me Your name"
You always give the same answer.
It is always a surprise.

                            WILF FEB 2017

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