Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Virgin's Kisses

I have held many men,it being my trade.
Yet,I have never really held a man.
With them it is generally dull,rarely passionate
More rarely repulsive,
I cope.
But this man he is so very different
I am not coping at all.

His feet, they are filthy!
Are there no slaves here?
That pharisee has plenty.

What is this overwhelming swell?
My heart is being pulled out,
I have not wept for years,
Not since.....

How many men have I kissed?
Then, only with my body,but now my whole being
Kisses you.
My sorrow wraps itself around you
My tears streak your feet,
I who have been slave to so many-
I can at least be slave to you this once,
And wash your feet,
(They will drag me away presently)
I do not care,let me dry your feet with my hair
Let me kiss you again again again
(Surely they will drag me away)
Every kiss is so strangely welcomed
And beckons more, men have always wanted more
But not like this,I can not let you go
You draw from me that which I knew 
Was in every part me
But you draw it away,
Leaving what?
More than this you drag out this wave,
Flooding up in tears and kisses in reckless wild caresses. 
I have have gone too far,far beyond
The hateful gazes of this place
They can not see this twin tide 
Under which I break;
The suffocating shame and this crushing love.

I have taken the purity of many sons,
Drinking the forbidden cup,
But this man's purity has poured unbidden into me;
My shame and the poison washed out
I have not laughed for many years,
Not since......
But even that has gone,
I feel like a girl again.

Can someone like me
Regain what has been lost?
But I have been given his virginity,
I have been dragged away 
By him,to him
From myself to myself.
                                                          Wilf 09/1997

You can read the account of this in the Bible in Luke chapter 7 verses 36-50 

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